Welcome to GameKnave! Look forward to great amounts of content here soon. Currently, you can view beta tests of our D&D 3.5e play session aids and our online NPC generator.

The NPC generator beta is located HERE. Please take a few moments to comment on it if you like it, or if you spot any calculation errors.

The 3.5e session aides include an automated Excel Character Sheet, an automated Excel Party XP Reward Calculator (Microsoft Excel required for both), and a .pdf Dungeon Master Screen, crammed full of every useful rule from the SRD, in the new landscape orientation.
Here are some partial screenshots (click to enlarge):

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In exchange for the free product we're about to link you to, we'd like to ask for your feedback on the products that you review, that's all. Especially helpful would be heads up about errors in calculation and feature requests.

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v.0.56 Changed "escape artist" to "escape" for the alternate skill rules. Fixed the carrying capacity formula to match the table exactly, fixed XP calc formula (again)

v.0.55 Further changes to comply with d20 license, tightened up erratic formulae in excel files.

v.0.54 Added various licensing notices, in accordance with the d20 licence.

v.0.53 Removed level advancement information from DM Screen and Character Sheet in accordance with the d20 license.

v.0.52 Formatting changes, XP and CR information on DM Screen

v.0.50 Beta Release